Student and Parent Accounts also offers free accounts to both students and parents. Why do students and parents need accounts? So they can interact! Once a student and/or parent account is created, they can log into the site and enroll in any classroom they want. Depending on the teachers preference, enrollments can either be accepted automatically or after the teacher approves it. Once a student/parent is enrolled in an classroom they can write on the teachers Whiteboard, view the teacher classroom website, send messages to the teacher, and much, much more!

Student/Parent Accounts

  • 100% Free
  • Communicate with teachers via the Whiteboard
  • Simple set up and easy to use interface
  • Unlimited classroom enrollments
  • Ability to view protected websites once enrolled

Create Free Sites

Save money and take your classroom to the web

Direct Communicate

Instantly communicate test dates, grades, lectures and more!

Customized Features

Browse dozens of free and custom add ons.

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